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Art Cosmetics Detailing is the best option for those who take special care of their cars and want to treat them only with professional products. Every car has a story, and we are attentive and eager to discover it, so we pay special attention to every detail, every scratch and every need.
Every visit to us will end with your car looking like new!

Detailing is the art of cleaning and treats both the interior and exterior of cars to keep them in the best condition. Also, through detailing we can correct small imperfections and offer medium-term protection for your car.


Once a customer, always a customer of Art Cosmetics Detailing because of the personal touch and connection one develops with us. Whatever we do, we do it with passion and dedication and every car is as special for us as it is for you. Trust is pivotal to everyone working together and over time it develops loyalty between two people or two businesses. This is a key core of the Art Cosmetics belief.


We miss no imperfections, the finish of your vehicle will be left second to none!


Finishing any vehicle to the highest standard is key. Alex normally calls it the ‘mirror effect’ where one can see themselves reflected in the panels of the vehicle. Sparkle is key attribute of Art Cosmetics Detailing and no vehicle leaves us without it sparkling. If the vehicle is then maintained to the guidelines given by ACD the ‘sparkle’ and shine effect would subsist for years to come as guaranteed by Art Cosmetics Detailing.

In short, car detailing is the process of keeping a vehicle in it’s best possible cosmetic condition. Detailing breaks down in two main categories: interior detailing and exterior detailing.

The main focus of interior auto detailing is removing both the visible and invisible contaminants, dirt and imperfections while also protecting the vulnerable trims from further damage.

Exterior detailing on the other hand focuses on restoring the paintwork to it’s original, shiny and blemish free condition, along with the exterior trims, wheels, brake calipers and engine bay.

Depending on the service you choose and the age of your vehicle, it is possible to get your car looking better than new.

Everyone knows that in order to have your vehicle running as smoothly as possible, you need to regularly have it serviced – change the oil and filters.

The same goes if you want to have your car looking as good as possible – you need to have it detailed regularly by a professional.

Even if you take your car for a wash quite often, the simple act of driving it will slowly deteriorate your paintwork by coming in contact with dirt, dust and other debris.

One key component of professional detailing is the aftercare ceramic coating that is applied to the exterior to seal the paintwork and keep it shiny. This will protect your exterior between 1 and 5 years, depending on the process used and coatings applied.

If done regularly, your car will retain – and in some cases, increase – it’s resale value.

If you have visited a car wash lately, you’ve probably seen that the top services they advertise are “Full Valet” and “Machine Operated Polish”.

While it might look like a good deal, the biggest damage that can be inflicted on the exterior of the car is by improper washing and polishing. The same sponges and buffer heads are generally being used for multiple vehicles and this is usually paired with sub-par abrasive compounds and lack of experience from the “technicians” carrying out the work.

All these will result in swirl marks, holograms and more scratches – this is due to the fact that the buffer heads have been used before and the dirt and particles accumulated are rubbed into your paintwork.

Your clear coat will become patchy, will lose most of it’s thickness and in some cases even damage the paintwork underneath, making your vehicle more vulnerable to the elements and general wear in exchange for a temporary “shine”.

Car Detailing on the other hand is the proper use of equipment by qualified technicians, top of the range products and most importantly – the right methods.

When you leave a car wash bay it’s usually “Hello and Goodbye”, while after having your vehicle professionally detailed you will have an after-care plan put into place and a protection coat applied to seal the body for a period of time.

The detailing technicians doing the work have years, and in some cases decades, of experience – this gives them the ability to choose the right products, equipment and techniques for each individual vehicle that enters their studio.

When done properly, Car Detailing becomes like an Art.


Paint Correction

Machine polishing is the only way to remove minor scratches, swirl marks, holograms and other imperfections from your paintwork, without the need for respraying. It’s the tried and trusted method for enhancing gloss. Say goodbye to dull and faded paintwork, and hello to a better than new finish. In time, the paint on your car will start to fade. This might be due to swirl marks caused by incorrect car washing, UV light and all sorts of road contaminants that get into the paint. With our steam clean and professional machine polishing service we can remove swirl marks, decontaminate the paint and bring back that glossy shine and mirror finish we all like.

Interior Auto Detailing

Our interior auto detailing London team specialises in steam cleaning of material upholstery, carpets and plastic parts of the interior. High temperature of steam, except from deep cleaning, disinfects the interior, eliminating mould, mildew and bacteria. In the case of leather upholstery, we recommend only preparations of renowned companies designed for this kind of surfaces. At client’s special request, we protect the interior with special ceramic nano-coatings – technologically advanced product characterised by great resistance.

Wheel Brake Caliper Paint

Protect your calipers from rust and corrosion. Make them look brand and give them a brand new look! Get your brake calipers/brake drums professionally painted to obtain that ULTIMATE SPORTS or LUXURY finish to your car. We have worked on a number of cars, from PRESTIGE CARS to SUPERCARS and we use only top quality heat paint on all vehicles. Our work is done to a very high standard and dealership standard. We work on the same day turn around, so all you have to do is choose your preferred colour, book your car in and we’ll do the rest.

Leather repairs

The leather repairs service is intended for those who want the interior of their car to look new. During the service, we carry out detailed repairs to the upholstery/steering wheel/doors/board, etc.
If you decide to bring your car for detailing but you got some internal dents, internal scratches or any minor internal damages, don’t worry, we can deal with that.

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