Packages - exterior


This service is recommended for those who want their car to look nice for events or simply have it prepared for the rainy season. This will not remove the scratches, but will add up to a year of protection depending on the after care.

  • Small– 220£
  • Medium– 244£
  • Large– 272£
  • Suv– 297£
  • Sport– 322£
  • Sport-suv– 347£
  • Luxury– 371£


The standard package is ideal for cars up to 2 years old that are used on a daily basis. This will remove the holograms, imperfections and small scratches on your paintwork. 9H Ceramic Coating with 2 years protection is included with the package and we strongly advise revisiting after 3 months for inspection and after care. For cars older than 2 years, Paint Correction is generally around 60%-75%.

  • Small– 401£
  • Medium– 426£
  • Large– 475£
  • Suv– 500£
  • Sport– 525£
  • Sport-suv– 550£
  • Luxary– 599£


This is where the real detailing starts, with our 3-stage Paint Correction that achieves around 85%-95% correction. If you have small and medium scratches, dull paint, holograms or other paintwork defects, this is the perfect service to bring your car back to life. It works with any type of car and it is ideal for raising the value of a car for those looking to sell it. This package has 9H Ceramic Coating with 2 years protection included.

  • Small- 558£
  • Medium– 607£
  • Large– 657£
  • Suv– 706£
  • Sport– 731£
  • Sport-suv– 756£
  • Luxury– 805£


The Gold package has a 10H Kenzo Ceramic Coating included and will achieve 85%-95% Paint Correction. Kenzo’s organic, plant based coating has an increased durability of up to 5 years and protects against water-spots 12 times longer than regular waxes. Recommended for those who invested in their cars and would like to protect them, and for high value cars that are not driven daily. We recommend coming back every 3 months for inspection and maintenance. Popular package for Classic Cars and Supercars.

  • Small– 889£
  • Medium– 914£
  • Large– 963£
  • Suv– 1041£
  • Sport– 1062£
  • Sport-suv– 1112£
  • Luxury– 1186£


Platinum is the top service with a top Ceramic Coating for those looking to have the perfect paintwork, with no imperfections, scratches, orange peel or any other defects. The benefit of the package is that it increases the value of the car, achieving 98%-100% Paint Correction. Kenzo’s Graphene Reinforced 10H Ceramic Coating with up to 5 years durability is included with the service. This package is aimed at Classic Cars, Super Sport, Luxury and Hypercars. Not recommended for daily use cars.

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