1. What is paint protection film?
    The paint protection film is a service that ensures the color protection of the entire car by applying a special protective foil, designed to protect the paint from minor damage.
  2. Why do you need paint protection film?
    It is advisable to purchase the paint protection film service if you want extra protection and care for your car.
  3. How much does it cost?
    (Front bumper, front wings, headlights, bonnet, mirrors, A-pillar, side sills from 1750 INC VAT (24-26 hours) )
    -PPF RS KIT (Front bumper, Front wings, headlights, bonnet, full A-pillar, side sills, rear wings from 2200 INC VAT (30-32 hours) )
    -STANDARD KIT (Front bumper, Front wings, headlights, mirrors from 1000 INC VAT (8-10 hours)
    -FULL KIT PPF  from 3400 INC VAT (45-55 hours)
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