Why you should choose Paint Protection Film ?

The paint protection film is a service that ensures the color protection of the entire car by applying a special protective foil, designed to protect the paint from minor damage.

Are you afraid of parking your car in public car parks?
Afraid of someone getting a little too intimate with your vehicle, marring the painted surfaces with a handbag, or even their jeans?
Do you fear that someone may tap their door against yours when exiting their vehicle, or even scrape your vehicle with theirs?
Do you cringe when stone chips hit the front end of your car, or when travelling over loose surfaces?

These are worries many car enthusiasts, or even those who care about the condition of their paintwork and resale value of their car have. With paint protection film, you can help set aside these worries – knowing that it makes your paint almost invulnerable to these unfortunate mishaps. 

Standard PPF Installation

Starting from 1500£

PPF Installation PLUS

Starting from 2000£

FULL PPF Installation

Starting from 3400£

Stealth Satin Finish PPF

Starting from 3600£

Protect & Transform with Stealth Satin Finish Paint Protection Film. Give your vehicle a satin finish while providing protection against swirls, scratches and rock chips!

Full front-end

Full Car Paint Protection Film

Full front-end PLUS

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