1. What is wheel brake caliper paint?

    Our paint caliper service is ideal for enthusiasts, for those who take care of their car in a deep sense, not just superficial. We can make an old and worn caliper, la “pièce de résistance” of your car by the very careful way we clean and repaint them in whatever color you want.

  2. Why do you need the wheel brake caliper paint?

    Make them look brand and give them a brand new look! Get your brake calipers/brake drums professionally painted to obtain that ULTIMATE SPORTS or LUXURY finish to your car.
    We take down the callipers, clean the old paint, repaint them with Powder coat (best quality paint for callipers and wheels), change all the rubber seals and all the brake fluid, bleed and program the car at Mot Center to brake test.

  3. How much does it cost?
    Prices start at 300£/caliper.
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