1. What is wheel refurbished?

    Wheel Refurbished is the service through which the wheels of your car enjoy the care it deserves! Whether they got undeserved scratches or you want to give them a refresh to make sure they are okay, we are waiting for you with our offer of wheel refurbishment.

  2. Why do you need the wheel refurbished?

    Wheels are to a vehicle like shoes are for humans. If you love your car, you know that the upkeep of wheels cannot be ignored. Wheels demand the same amount of care as required by the rest of your vehicle since they take the maximum beating while you drive. But most of the time, the wheels get ignored.

  3. How much does it cost?

    – Painted Alloy Wheel Refurbishment (one color) from 110/wheel
    Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel refurbishment from 145/wheel
    – Polished Alloy wheel Refurbishment finish from 500 

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